IIDA Alabama is excited to launch our podcast All-In Design, hosted by Chad Moore and Mark Griffo.

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The great Jacklyn Loquidis-Hamric with CCR Architecture & Interiors joins our hosts in the IIDA Alabama Studio and helps us get our microphones in working order. In this episode, we explore the commonality of music and interior design, the power of Pinterest, and how technology has improved the design/client experience. 


Our hosts, Mark and Chad introduce themselves, what they do for a living, and how they came to be in the commercial furniture industry. It's riveting material and is not to be missed. 


In this episode, we interview the incomparable Maria Glaser with Birchfield Penuel Architects. We discuss how she found her way to the interior design profession, the challenges of designing for healthcare, and how she fits into weird, tiny spaces. Regretfully, we forgot to talk about her turtles... 


In this episode, we interview the peerless Stephanie Pope with Davis Architects.  We discuss timeless design vs. current trends, the payoff of a satisfactorily completed project, and working with some University of Alabama legends.  Chad goes off on a tangent about a TV show he's watching.