IIDA Alabama is excited to launch our podcast All-In Design, hosted by Chad Moore and Mark Griffo.

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The great Jacklyn Loquidis-Hamric with CCR Architecture & Interiors joins our hosts in the IIDA Alabama Studio and helps us get our microphones in working order. In this episode, we explore the commonality of music and interior design, the power of Pinterest, and how technology has improved the design/client experience. 


Our hosts, Mark and Chad introduce themselves, what they do for a living, and how they came to be in the commercial furniture industry. It's riveting material and is not to be missed. 


In this episode, we interview the incomparable Maria Glaser with Birchfield Penuel Architects. We discuss how she found her way to the interior design profession, the challenges of designing for healthcare, and how she fits into weird, tiny spaces. Regretfully, we forgot to talk about her turtles... 


In this episode, we interview the peerless Stephanie Pope with Davis Architects.  We discuss timeless design vs. current trends, the payoff of a satisfactorily completed project, and working with some University of Alabama legends.  Chad goes off on a tangent about a TV show he's watching.  


Alexis Byers with KPS Group join our hosts on the first of three podcasts focused on junior designers and their experiences entering the world of interior design.  In this episode, we talk about technology and how renderings can really help a client understand a space. We also spend a good deal of time talking about Alexis' husband. 


In this episode, we talk with the dynamic Kayla Bailey with Williams Blackstock Architects.  Our discussion heads into the realm of architecture, as Kayla is a graduate architect and registered interior designer.  We discuss the importance of being a registered interior designer and a hot take on a movie not universally beloved...  


In this episode, we speak with the current IIDA Alabama President and future Supreme Court Justice, Sammi Woronoff of Gresham Smith.  We discuss her path from pre-law to interior design, what it means to be a registered interior designer, and how she almost ran one of our hosts over with her car.  


In this episode, we had a conversation with Faith Baumann of Poole & Company, who specializes in healthcare design and has the most healthy take on the future of technology (and when not to use it).  Come for what inspires her in the field of healthcare design and stay for the dinosaurs... 


Join us for a discussion with John Beason of Williams Blackstock Architects. In this episode, we talk about the importance of having a strong design concept from the start and the beauty of simplicity. We also discuss what makes a great anniversary gift. 


In this episode of All-In Design, we have a conversation with Nancy Jernigan, our first sole practitioner on the podcast. We discuss all of her many skillz, especially in how to approach timeless design. We are also treated to Mark discussing his home renovations. 


Join us for a discussion with Katy Lucas of Goodwyn Mills Cawood. In this episode, we discuss the rewards of creating space for people to inhabit, especially as it relates to educational spaces. We explore the importance of communication and documentation and how that can influence budgetary constraints on a project. We also discuss nicknames and memorable faxes that have been received.


In this episode, which is clearly our finest work to date, we are joined by Jessica Babler with KPS Group, as we discuss all things NeoCon (and Design Days).  Daltile was nice enough to host our somewhat meandering recording session on Day 2 of the show. Have a listen and see how well the hosts do without a script, while getting insight on IIDA's CLC event, judging the best showrooms at NeoCon, and how Jessica plans to get to the airport.